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Frequently Asked Questions

To remove graffiti most effectively a 3000 psi pressure washer that can heat the water to approximately 190 degrees at a 5 gpm flow is most desired. If you have access to a cold water pressure washer (1500 - 3000 psi) you may want to extend the dwell time of the chemical on the surface to a minimum of 20 minutes. If only a garden hose is available, apply product to the surface, let stand for 10 minutes, agitate with a medium nylon bristle brush, reapply product and let stand for another 20 minutes. Using a jet stream from the hose, working from the bottom up, wash off the graffiti.

All Graffiti Solutions Products are direct applied. The Elephant Snot® can be applied with a thick nap roller or wallpaper paste brush. Shadow Max® can be applied with brush or trigger sprayer. Smooth Max® is also applied by brush or sprayer and after the appropriate dwell time, agitate it to accelerate performance. Always rinse application equipment directly after use.

Stucco is one of the most difficult surfaces from which to remove graffiti for a couple of reasons. First, its texture, with so many fissures and surface. Second, it is relatively soft. However, a liberal application of Elephant Snot® with extra dwell time (30 - 40 minutes) should work quite well. Use hot water, if possible, at 1000 psi. An application of Shadow Max® may be necessary. A note of caution -- many stucco surfaces are not the original colored dash coat. If the stucco is painted, it is best to simply repaint.

At this time the chemical procedures are too aggressive for existing synthetic stucco facades. Our R & D team is working hard to solve this growing problem.

A shadow or ghost is the light colored remnant of a graffiti tag. It is comprised of paint pigment that remains after the paint carrier has been removed and usually all the pigment goes with it. Shadow Max® is designed as a second step -- not for use as a first step on porous surfaces, only to remove leftover pigment. For extra punch, after initial removal efforts, apply a spray coat of Shadow Max followed immediately by an application of Elephant Snot® -- let stand for five minutes, then pressure wash.

This formerly difficult cleaning problem has been solved in a unique way. By using Graffiti Solutions Shadow Max® Multi-Surface as a first step cleaner, permanent marker can be completely removed. This is an alternate use of Shadow Max which is normally used as a second step on porous surfaces.

We have crafted Smooth Max® so it can be successfully used on baked auto finishes as well as semi-trailers, both aluminum and fiberside. Graffiti removal on permanent siding including steel, aluminum and vinyl are successful with the use of Smooth Max.

How soon after order is placed can we expect shipment? Generally speaking all products are in stock ready for shipment. Try to anticipate your stock needs to avoid the high cost of air shipments. All products are available to ship as non-hazardous by USPS, UPS, or any trucking line. Most products are shipped next business day from St. Paul, Minnesota or one of our regional distributors.

Graffiti Solutions products are made from the highest quality raw materials. Our prices reflect this quality while giving you the safest, highest performance products available. We have already built in discounts as the size of the container is increased.

Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Wire Transfers and International Wire Transfers. Phone orders accepted..

Charges will vary by location within the country, as well as location of the graffiti. Some general numbers to work with: A mobilization charge of $30 - $70 to get your truck and man to the job sight. Costs per square foot are then calculated for ground level work - anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 depending on geographic location and market conditions. If the tag is difficult to get to, hard to get equipment to or considered high work, the cost psf can rise substantially. As a general rule of thumb -- the chemical costs should be about 10% of the total job cost.