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Testimonials for Smooth Max® Graffiti Remover

Testimonials from our customers.

We have incorporated Testimonials from the users of Graffiti Solutions Products into our web site so that you can read and see how well the graffiti removers work in everyday applications for every day people.


Our RV got vandalized with graffiti on one side and we ordered a bottle of your SMOOTH MAX®. With less than half the bottle and in less than ten minutes after spraying it, the graffiti came right off like a marker off a dry-erase board, without damaging the fiberglass siding or the RV decals. The product is amazing! Thank you.

Evelyn, Oceanside, CA -- last name withheld per request


“I bought a gallon of your Smooth Max® and it was amazing. Never thought I would see anything work like this. It didn't touch the paint or the decals when I removed graffiti tags from a truck that is used by a realtor here in town to move his clients. It is really an amazing product. I will be ordering more.”

Roger Wood, KRC POWER WASH, Salinas, Kansas


My pick-up truck and house were covered with spray painted graffiti. I obtained a quart of Smooth Max®. When I got home, my son and I sprayed the graffiti on my pick-up - just like spraying window cleaner - and it came right off. I couldn't believe it - it was amazing. It took just a few minutes, and all the graffiti was gone and my truck was not harmed in any way. Then I used up the rest of the container on the wood siding of my house.

Dawayne Gehrman