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Testimonials for Elephant Snot®

Testimonials from our customers.

We have incorporated Testimonials from the users of Graffiti Solutions Products into our web site so that you can read and see how well the graffiti removers work in everyday applications for every day people.


I've been in Public Works for 25 years and I am a skeptic. We have tried countless graffiti removers with many promises that they would work. None did a complete job. We recently had graffiti applied to large cast concrete blocks. We tried 4 different products including Zip Strip and nothing touched the graffiti.  Your salesman, Roger, came by with Elephant Snot.® I almost blew him off, but decided to have him try.

Scott, Public Works, Stillwater, Minnesota


“My family and I volunteer to remove graffiti for the Concerned Citizens of Forest Park (an historic group), New North Citizen Council, and the City of Springfield. I requisitioned the Elephant Snot® from MIke Cass of the City of Springfield. I tried it - it was so easy to apply. The process was very fast, did not harm the surface, and being biodegradable made it very appealing. It was like a helping hand. Before we used elbow grease and stone grinders to remove the graffiti. We love this product and we love the name.

Randall Santiago, Springfield, MA