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Testimonials for Elephant Snot®

Testimonials from our customers.

We have incorporated Testimonials from the users of Graffiti Solutions Products into our web site so that you can read and see how well the graffiti removers work in everyday applications for every day people.


“I love your Elephant Snot®. It is a great product. I used it on a split face concrete and it worked great. I also used Elephant Snot® on a rock wall in Prince Greenway Park (Santa Rosa Park System), it cleaned all the graffiti off and did not damage the walls. Elephant Snot® has saved me time and has made me money. Thanks! ”


Bill Kerkhof, S and B Soda Blast


"We were called in to work on a high profile cemetery, next to the State Capital, where a number of granite headstones had been defaced with graffiti. Goof Off and a paint stripper from the local home improvement store had already been tried by the maintenance personnel and had left shadows on the headstones. With the use of Elephant Snot® and Shadow Max® we were able to completely restore the headstones. Your guidance and help were invaluable and you were a real gentleman in our dealings with you. Thanks for all your help."

Bob Santor, Scrub A Home


"We were called in to do a graffiti removal demo for the New York's City Parks and Recreation Department. The demo took place in Flushing Meadows, Corono Park. We removed a graffiti tag from a brick building and a shadow from an earlier failed attempt. We also left them a sample that they used on a three year old "tag" that they had tried to remove but couldn't. The Elephant Snot® took it 'right off'. They said 'This stuff is a miracle.' ”



Douglas G. Scouten, Cleanfix, Wyckoff, New Jersey