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Testimonials for Elephant Snot®

Testimonials from our customers.

We have incorporated Testimonials from the users of Graffiti Solutions Products into our web site so that you can read and see how well the graffiti removers work in everyday applications for every day people.


 I used your product, Elephant Snot® to remove the graffiti. For the benefit of others that wonder if this stuff really works, I'll explain the process that I went through.

The day was about 48-51 degrees and we had intermittent rain/sleet. The graffiti had to be removed that day as the City of Morgantown had given the property owners a time line in which they expected the graffiti to be gone...this was the last day as it took a while for me to decide on a product to try.

George Papandreas, Morgantown, WV


“The Elephant Snot® is the only product our guys will use. I'm stuck with a bunch of other products on the shelf that they won't touch. They want the ‘Snot’ because it works.”


Tim Senior, Property Clerk, City of Orlando, Florida