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Elephant Snot®

Elephant Snot 1 gallon

 I used your product, Elephant Snot® to remove the graffiti. For the benefit of others that wonder if this stuff really works, I'll explain the process that I went through.

The day was about 48-51 degrees and we had intermittent rain/sleet. The graffiti had to be removed that day as the City of Morgantown had given the property owners a time line in which they expected the graffiti to be gone...this was the last day as it took a while for me to decide on a product to try.

I brushed the "Snot" on with a wallpaper brush and let it sit for about 45 minutes. I then began power-washing it off at about 1400-1600 psi cold water. Much to my surprise, virtually all of the paint and marker simply ran off with the water! Surprisingly, a small amount of the white and a bit of the red needed a second application which I did as I was washing off the rest. It all came off. I should mention that although I purchased a 5 gallon bucket, all of this was finished with less than 2 gallons.

Just for reference, the graffiti in the first picture, "burning" was about 1 year old. The remainder of the graffiti was no less that 23-24 years old and had resisted attempts to clean it with acid washes. After the "Snot", there was absolutely no damage to the brick or the mortar.

It works!


George Papandreas, Morgantown, WV