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Elephant Snot®

Elephant Snot 1 gallon

“I had called the home office this morning concerning use on hot block walls in Las Vegas.

I found that 'Elephant Snot'® worked best right on a dry surface, and though I applied it with a paint roller, it actually helped matters to work it into the pores using a pot brush.

Length of time beween application and removal using a power washer made quite a bit of difference. In several instances, someone had painted out graffiti using acrylic enamel, and by applying Elephant Snot®, both the latex and the aerosol graffiti could be removed satisfactorily.

I experimented with both the 15 degree tip (05) and a turbowasher tip, and both have their applications depending on cinder block type and brick or ceramic tile. I was able to use cold water with very good results, but found that the hot water worked well on a few stubborn areas.

I cleaned roughly 45 spots, anywhere from 1 foot square up to a few that were roughly 5 feet by 30 feet. Besides fences, I also cleaned traffic signs, streetlight poles, meter boxes, and a ceramic tile subdivision entryway. Rolling on some Elephant Snot®, then brushing it into the pores using a pot brush, I only used one half of a 5-gallon bucket of the product in the entire workday, so it is quite economical.

The only downside effect that I noticed was some product blowback during hot water pressure washing, and it got on my face and in my hair. It did burn a bit, but I immediately washed up using soap and water. I was blowing 250 degree water at the time. Nevertheless, the product does a tremendous job that other products can not touch.

Sure, I have tried all sorts of cleaners and solvents, but this product is the ticket to a clean surface, and the formulation allows application and use by almost anybody; something that is not the case with caustics. ”

Note: Always wear protective clothing and goggles or a face shield when using a pressure washer.


Charlie Michael, Clark County Graffiti Abatement, Las Vegas, NV