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Elephant Snot®

Elephant Snot 1 gallon

“My family and I volunteer to remove graffiti for the Concerned Citizens of Forest Park (an historic group), New North Citizen Council, and the City of Springfield. I requisitioned the Elephant Snot® from MIke Cass of the City of Springfield. I tried it - it was so easy to apply. The process was very fast, did not harm the surface, and being biodegradable made it very appealing. It was like a helping hand. Before we used elbow grease and stone grinders to remove the graffiti. We love this product and we love the name. The groups we volunteer for have a very limited budget, so I ordered the product myself for my family to use. We can accomplish so much with the Elephant Snot® that we couldn't before. ”

Randall Santiago, Springfield, MA