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Elephant Snot®

Elephant Snot 1 gallon

I have been in the building restoration business for over 35 years and your Elephant Snot® is better than anything else I have ever used. A tagger had sprayed graffiti on about 5 buildings in a row. I was working to remove a tag on a building next door to the Burlington YMCA. The custodian came out and completely removed the graffiti on the YMCA building very quickly. I was very impressed because this man was not a professional - this was just part of his job. I went over to see what he was using - Elephant Snot®. I got the number off the container, I called and ordered 5 gallons. It is amazing, it has surpassed everything I have used in the past. I have removed graffiti from multiple brick surfaces, multiple stone surfaces, terra cotta and stucco. It is fast and efficient - saving us money.



Bruno Gubetta Alpine Building Restoration